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Oct. 12th, 2015 07:59 pm
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Ty speaking, for the Lothelin. How are you? Nice to meet you. And all that jazzy joy. This is the only post you'll see unless you're one of the cool kids; please read if you would like a t-shirt, mug, and bumper sticker. You will not be approved without both having read and commented here, and approved by majority vote in the system, unless you came pre-approved (aka: from our other journals).

If you did, please give this a read as you can, and comment when you're done, please and thankies!

This little default post is a bit of SOP for and a summary of this place, here, if I could have a few minutes of your time.

Who we are:

The Lothelin!

It means flower people, and rather than a hippie reference it identifies us as residents of our land, which we named Loth Ennorath: the flower lands. We have a ridiculously fertile country, and a shit ton of people who love looking and/or eating flowers, hence our choice. Our country lies on its own continent in a world called Nilanou, which is super huge. As in, "our continent is about five or so times the surface area of earth, and our land sea is larger than earth's entire water mass, and we are one mid sized continent of twelve, on a planet that is 85% water, give or take", super huge.

Physics aren't, there, at least as far as "magic" goes (we call "magic" willworking, because that's what it is, but the cliche term is the closest word most of the natives have got for the kind of energy work and willworking that literally every native species to Nilanou, as well as most species with similar abilities, can do).

But we do as much as we can the hard way, because we feel like food that was grown from seed tastes better, and things built from sustainably harvested natural resources are sturdier, than the conjured stuff. For Nilanou, we're old school.

There are a dozen-odd landfaring races in Nilanou, at LEAST double that for sentient seafaring races (the oceans are the true powers there, but we breathe air, and land and sea rarely meet-the land races only fish the coastal seas, and the sea races avoid them; it's an unspoken agreement). There are two suns, three moons, beautiful skies, crazy awesome storms and weather which is largely magically calmed to habitable degree, and it's generally an amazing place. We're working on writing everything about it ("worldbuilding", as far as mundane writing communities know), and it will take TIME.

We are, in this world, female sexed, genderfluid and androgynous in gender, human (duh) but Otherkin (influence from the fronters' individual species but the body primarily a fae mutt). We are a slightly buddhist pagan, a shaman, an animist, a seer, jack of many trades and master of none, an artist, a semi decent hobby vocalist and music addict, lover of green and fuzzy things (and some not fuzzy). We are polyamorous, immensely kinky, sapiosexial, demisexual, and pansexual as a collective with various individual identities, and very very picky. Despite this we have two significant others, one almost-SO, and at least one person we'd give our right leg to be with.

We are disabled, diagnosed with Vaso Vagal Syncope but more severely Gastroparesis, which causes severe chronic fatigue, nausea, and pain. It cut us off from our career-massage therapy-which we love. It sucks balls, we can't work or perform most bodily functions alone, we are dependent on people to survive, and our muscles love to atrophy.

We also have PTSD, primarily regarding romantic and sexual relationships, especially with men. And general anxiety disorder, and major depressive, as well as ADD. We are most likely an Aspie; we have stupid many similarities with our autistic small child charges. The anxiety and depression we try to Buddhist to manage, and it works alright, but it's still something we contend with.

We DO have major anxiety issues regarding journaling and the content being difficult for others, so please let us know if there are any patterns, habits, or behaviors that are making you uncomfortable. We are hyper aware of our effect on others, so if we miss something, no matter how obvious it seems, we don't know. If it seems like we are being rude or malicious, it's really most likely that we are oblivious and need an FYI...sort of like Dr. Reid in Criminal Minds (it's a good comparison, trust me, I'm engaged to him).

Please don't assume any collective or individual abilities or identities compensate for this; not all abilities manifest in this world in the ways they do in others, and the body does not always have the same talents we do. Also, there is always room for error.

However, we have the immense fortune to be living on a teeny farm, helping our husband!system to care for the house and children of a woman who in exchange is supporting us. We still lack several important things we need...but we have the minimum cared for.

We also have four cats (Katie, Matdie, Siobhan, Skye) and two bratty dogs (Angel and Daisy), who are both the banes of our life, and our saving graces.

We are a multiple system, a gateway system, which is connected to not only our world-Nilanou-but many others. We travel often. There are many people from many places (some of which exist only in books or movies, in this world) who live here, and most retain the ability to return to their own worlds, and/or to go to others' if that won't break physics or cause mass panic. Some died and came back, some didn't, and generally it's a pretty awesome melting pot. Things CAN get a little crazy trying to keep up on everyone, BUT it's generally worth it, to us.

We suck with translating names. For this reason (and because of curious lineage, in some cases), a lot of the people we know of are "big names". A lot of them also aren't, but it's stupid hard to get this body to actually register our existences
existences if we can't Google ourselves, so most of us have stopped trying, unless we were born here, in which case our names are subject to our parents' generosity and creativity.

Also, don't ask for a complete list of people. We had one, as complete as it gets...and then our (not backed up) harddrive crashed. @_@ We haven't given up hope of stripping it for info, but the grand and a half, we do not have. We have only the list of fronters on our "for the people without personal journals" journal, which will get copied here eventually. That, and our memory, which hopefully won't fail us entirely. Heh.

But I CAN tell you that myself-Titania Hayes-and my mom-Eire Rhi'sta'lia-are the forerunners here, sort of a default/fallback pair, with most other fronters fronting around us when possible. As of writing this it's been mostly me since the middle of June, but mom comes back when she can.


Also, just an fyi-time is Narnia time. There's a loose framework to explain the time difference, namely that the further from front you get into the Ennorath, the faster time gets. For some bizzare reason, this is a constant only in the Ennorath, which is probably the Inns (sentient buildings that are born on nodes between ley lines, with locations in overlapping worlds, similar to TARDISes, but less time and relative dimension in space and more multiversal nexus/convergence-we need to make a post explaining). Especially the Feuerkind...the only one we are aware is actually IN the Ennorath.

Also, a ton of the kids born here seem to age-and gestation terms fluctuate by the same plus species mix; there's a lot of mixed species relationships here-by their mental and spirital maturity, not physical. It's sort of the reverse of human maturity patterns, and results in a form of age sliding, as far as many people seem to understand it. That's physics for us. Two weird basics that I ought to note, in addition to the "in Nilanou, physics aren't" that I mentioned earlier, that didn't really fit anywhere else.

So, hello!

On to the basic rules of here!

Basically, don't be a dick, and don't be an idiot (ignorance not included, questions are diamonds). Seriously, that's all it takes. But, for the sake of clarity, lets elaborate:

-Respect content, identities, and experiences. We understand our identity is hard to swallow even for a bunch of multiple and otherkin folks. You don't have to agree, and questions are always welcome (WE LOVE QUESTIONS AND CURIOUS PEOPLE SO MUCH-but not people who ask questions just for an excuse to be a dick about the answers. That's ridiculously impolite).

But the multiverse is infinite, weirdshit is weirdshit for a reason, and things always sound more crazy when one's got PTSD and anxiety disorders and is trying to sort shit out. Also when new and being sorted out. We try to keep most of the chaotic thought streams more private than here, but you never know what will feel normal to us and wonky to someone else.

-You've read the basics above. If you cant handle fictives, AUs, big names, people with status, polyamory, paganism (includes being godowned and godslaves), otherworld and deity politics, and diverse Otherkin mutts, walk away now.

-No attacking anyone. Be polite. You can disagree and express yourselves and ask questions without actually needing to be aggressive. If blunt is misinterpreted as aggression, just clarify.

-Please don't derail the post unless we do. While it seems hypocritical to some, this is our journal, and if anyone's ADD is gonna go on a tangent, it's ours. Keep in mind this is our life, and while we would love to discuss yours, if the focus of things is not our posts, please bring it to PM or some other form of private conversation. Tangent thoughtstreams posted about in your journals are fabulous, and we'd love to read them!

-While we know that life is exhausting, and we do not demand that you comment to everything, please comment often enough that we know you're still reading and we aren't just baring our soul to take up space in your circle. We try to do the same, if you've got any journals of ours added to your circles. Happily, we are pretty relaxed about infrequent commenters, so don't feel too stressed about it.

-If there's content that triggers you, and you need a warning we didn't put up, please let us know. Politely. Don't be a dick because you're triggery. That's not an excuse to be a dick to people. There's really never an excuse, unless you don't know you're being a dick, in which case, okay, but we will assume people are self aware unless we hear otherwise.

We have no way of knowing what of the fifty gazillion triggers out there people reading may be affected by, so without being told that they are necessary, there will be none, unless we already know or are triggered by the verbal mention of it ourselves. We have chronic fatigue and trigger warnings take spoons-this is the only way we can manage to reasonably accommodate our readers.

-We are not mind readers. This largely reiterates other mentions. Yes, we have telepathic and empathic people, yes, we have a degree of talent in the same in-body. Yes, we've rarely been wrong. However, we usually don't get detail, and we rarely get context. We WILL pick up on something being wrong, and something not being said, though we may not know whether it's a big or small something.

But we most likely aren't gonna know what the something is. We aren't gonna hear you if you read something and think a reply that you don't type-and would you really want us to? That's creepy. We arent omnipotent. So verbally communicate, please. We'd much rather see a message in our inbox with an awkward question easily answered than have things left unspoken. That never goes well.

-Relax, and have fun! It's a rule. ;) We deal with depression on a daily basis and know many others do too, so we like to have fun. ^^

There we are! Us, and SOP. We have only phone and iPad to work with right now, so computer tech stuff like icons and the like is indefinitely postponed. However, we may attempt to backlog old posts here, if we want to be super organized overachievers. And masochists. Especially in off hours, aka: when someone in the multiverse isn't trying to get our attention and we're trying to find something productive to do. ;)

Pleasure to meet you. ^^



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