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The Lothelin System

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Name:The Lothelin-a gateway system in Loth Ennorath
Location:Missouri, United States of America
Posting Access:Select Members
Community description:Gateway system's personal writing space comprised of personal journals and readers.
Hello, this is the community written in by the Lothelin system! We have various journals, but here is our new posting home, for the sake of our sanity and organization.

We are a gateway multiple system, pagan, otherkin, shamanic, polyamorous, kinky, mentally (PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADD) and physically (vaso vagal syncope and moderate Gastroparesis with severe side effects) disabled, and most definitely at the edge of what most people will accept from 'kin, pagans, or multiples. We believe in the multiverse theory as applied to "fictives", and have MANY here, and we do not accept disability of any kind as an excuse for being a dick (though we will still help as much as we can if someone has a flashback or panic attack and we are aware)

If you are still interested in reading, please read all public posts with the stickied posts tag to hear more about us, and before you consider asking for membership. We have to link them here because communities are odd and won't let us backdate posts in them, what the hell is up with that.

Nice to meet you!
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